What were the overall causes of the French and Indian War? 

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The French and Indian War was part of a larger, worldwide conflict known as the Seven Years’ War.  The part that was fought in North America was called the French and Indian War.  It lasted from 1756-1763.  They were a few reasons why this war was fought. 

One reason had to deal with control of land, especially land in the Ohio Valley. As the British expanded their colonies, they began to infringe upon French settlements.  There was some concern the British would take over French lands.

Tied into this idea was the concern that the British would compete with the French for the valuable fur trade that took place in the Ohio Valley.  The French had no intention of letting Britain take over or reduce this very profitable economic activity. 

Finally, control of land meant having more power.  France didn’t want England moving into this area and reducing French power. 

scisser | Student

There were 3 main reasons for the famous war between the French and the British:

1. Both countries wanted control over the fur trade (very profitable)

2. Expansion of the British colonies in America was a threat to French territory.

3. Lastly, the French and British fought in another futile attempt to become the world's superpower at that time.