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While Odysseus is a man of many strengths and talents, he also is prone to a number of weaknesses and limitations. Let's look at some of these.

Odysseus's pride gets him into trouble on multiple occasions. He often cannot help himself when it comes to boasting. If only he had not insisted on telling Polyphemus his true name, he and his men would likely have escaped the wrath of Poseidon.

Another limitation of Odysseus is his recklessness. This plays out when he reaches the island of Helios. He had been given multiple warnings from Circe to avoid this place and to not take Helios's cattle. However, he gives in to the pleas of his crew, and they do exactly what they had been warned against.

Odysseus's wrath is also noteworthy. Upon finding his home beset by numerous suitors, Odysseus sets out to completely annihilate them. After he kills every last suitor, he finds himself beset by further trouble as the families of the slain want vengeance. Many readers of the Odyssey wonder if it was necessary for Odysseus to instigate this bloodbath. It seems likely that the suitors would have grudgingly left upon finding out Penelope's true husband was alive and back in his rightful home. However, Odysseus is too overcome with feelings of vengeance and wrath to let it go.

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