What were the new materials and tools used in the Bronze Age?

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The Bronze Age was the first age in which human beings learned to use metal.  Before the Bronze Age came the Neolithic, which is the more "modern" part of the Stone Age.  During those times, people only knew how to make tools of materials such as stone, wood, and bone.  With the Bronze Age, people learned how to extract metals from ores and work those metals.

The first new material created during this time was copper.  This was not very useful because copper is too brittle to really use for tools.  But people soon discovered that bronze could be made by adding tin to the copper.  Bronze was much stronger than copper and could be made (using molds) into all sorts of implements.

The Bronze Age, then, was the first age in which people learned to use metals to make various sorts of tools and other implements that would be easier to make and more durable than stone implements.

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