What were the New Deal's three major goals?

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There were three major goals of the New Deal. They were to provide relief  to our people, to help the economy recover from the depression, and to create reforms to prevent another depression from happening.

The New Deal tried to provide relief to the American people. At the height of the Great Depression, about 25% of the American people were unemployed. There were various laws passed to create jobs to get the American people working again. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration gave funds to state and local governments to provide help for those who weren’t working. The Public Works Administration and the Civil Works Administration created construction jobs. Schools, airports, roads, and bridges were some of the jobs that were created. The Civil Conservation Corps created jobs for young, unemployed men who worked on conservation projects. These job programs helped provide relief to unemployed workers.

Another goal of the New Deal was to help the American economy recover from the effects of the Great Depression. The National Industry Recovery Act encouraged businesses, workers, and the government to work together. This law created a series of codes of fair competition where wages, prices, and hours of work were established. The Home Owners Loan Corporation helped working people refinance their loans. The Agricultural Adjustment Act paid farmers not to grow crops. The Tennessee Valley Authority helped to provide electricity to the South. These programs were designed to help the economy recover.

The New Deal also tried to provide reforms to prevent another Great Depression from occurring. The Securities Act required companies to provide truthful information to investors. It also created the Security and Exchange Commission to regulate the stock market. The Glass-Steagall Act created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This provided insurance for saving accounts. It also prevented commercial banks from speculating in the stock market.

The New Deal had goals that fell into the categories of relief, recovery, and reform.

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