What were the names of his wife and children?what happened to them

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Anne Hathaway, was the name of Shakespeare’s wife. Hathaway married Shakespeare in November 1582 while pregnant with the couple's first child, to whom she gave birth six months later. This child was named Susanna.

Anne was a good catch. Her family ran a successful farm and she had a dowry. Elizabethans married in their mid to late twenties, so at twenty-six, she was no spinster. Will, on the other hand, was underage at eighteen and from a family in debt up to their ears.

Three children were born to Anne and William. The abovementioned Susanna in 1583, and the twins Hamnet and Judith in 1585. Tragically, Hamnet Shakespeare died of unknown causes in August 1596, at the age of eleven. The events of his short life are unrecorded.

In June 1607, Susanna married the famed and prosperous Stratford physician John Hall. Susanna's marriage to Dr. Hall pleased Shakespeare tremendously; he appointed John and Susanna as executors of his will. Susanna gave birth to a baby girl in 1608. Shakespeare's granddaughter, Elizabeth Hall, was baptized at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford.

Shakespeare’s daughter Judith appears to have had a gloomy and tragic life. Unlike her sister's marriage to the upstanding Dr. Hall, Judith's marriage to a vintner named Thomas Quiney in February 1616 caused Shakespeare no end of scandal. Quiney did not receive the license necessary for a wedding during Lent before his marriage, and thus the couple were excommunicated a month later.

Thomas and Judith Quiney had three children named Shakespeare, Richard, and Thomas. Judith lived to the amazing age of seventy-seven, and died in 1662.

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