What were the multiple feelings going through Katniss when Peeta announced his love for her and she found out about Peeta and Haymitch's lovestruck plan?in The Hunger Games

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Katniss is initially surprised and confused.  However, when returning to their quarters, she becomes  indignant and slams her palms into Peeta's chest and knocks him off his feet, cutting his hands on a fallen urn.  She feels that she has been made to look a fool in front of the entire country.  Peeta has made her look weak. However, after talking with Haymitch, Peeta, and Cinna, her anger abates and she is torn between thinking she is being used and thinking she has an edge over the other tributes. Then she starts to worry whether she reacted properly to Peeta's declaration of love. When Peeta returns to dinner with his hands bandaged, Katniss feels guilt.  She sees why Haymitch and Peeta made the decision to make her an object of Peeta's affection.

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