What were the most important factors behind Moody's emergence as a Civil Rights Activist?  

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As with so much in Anne's existence, there are many complex and convergent factors that compel her to embrace activism as a form of being in the world.  The racism that envelops her is a part of this process.  Certainly, the role that poverty and race play in her early life are both factors in this.  Anne understands early on how both race and class are linked together, as they both play a major role in how she views reality.  A major factor that began the process of pushing Anne towards activism would have to be the murder of Emmett Till.  For Anne, this is a critical moment because it reflects the destructive element of racism in White society, something that would kill a boy for whistling at a White woman.  At the same time, it is a watershed moment for Anne's activism because it reflects how much people of color in the South were in need of activism.  The culture that simply would accept a murder like Till's as a fact of life is something that motivates Anne in her quest to fight through such an embedded passivity and something that inspires her to become a Civil Rights Activist.