What were Meursault's feelings towards his mother when she was alive?

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Meursault was emotional,y detached from his mother when she was still alive. At the time of hear death, he didn't k ow how old she was. He hadn't visited her since he was a young man, so several years had gone by without any interaction between the two if them. Meursault basically did not care about his mother, if he's being honest as a narrator. However, there are some subtle suggestions that perhaps he cares more about her than he's letting on. For one, he calls her "Maman," a very affectionate name for mother in French. Another detail that may be important is his decison to begin the entire narrative at the moment of her death. The reader is left to ponder whether there may be some connection between the death of his mother and the ultimate descent into. Inilism that he chronicles in the story.