What were the major events of The Hundred Years War?

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The hundred year war was actually fought for 116 years (between 1337 and 1453) between England and France. The major events of the war are listed for easy reference:

1) Death of Charles IV of France in 1328 without a son, leaving no legal heir. This lead Edward III of England to stake claim for Kingship through his mother. 

2) England wins Battle of Sluys in 1340 preventing French  invasion of England. After this all the wars were fought in France.

3) England wins Battle of Crecy in 1346.

4) No major fights between 1348-56 due to plague (Black Death).

5) England wins Battle of Poitiers and captured King John II of France and got one quarter of France in Truce.

6) French victories of many small towns under a new king and its alliance with Castile.

7) Peace between 1389-1415.

8) England wins Battle of Agincourt and Henry the V married one of French princesses as truce.

9) Joan of Arc lead to victories but was unable to capture Paris and was killed. France continued to take cities slowly.

10) Treat of Arras in 1435 and end of war in 1453. 

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