What were the major conflicts between the American colonists and the British from 1763 to 1774?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were a number of conflicts during this time that led to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War.  The most important of these were:

  • Where colonists could settle.  The British wanted to prevent colonists from spreading out beyond the Appalachians into Indian territory.  The colonists wanted to be free to settle where they wished.
  • Taxes.  The American colonists were unhappy at being taxed for a number of reasons.  These included legalistic arguments over what sorts of things Parliament could tax as well as more fundamental arguments over the colonists' right to be represented.
  • Self-government.  The colonists had generally been free to act as they wished for much of their history.  It was only after 1763 that the British really tried to enforce laws concerning things such as smuggling.
  • Quartering of troops.  Americans objected to the presence of British troops in their cities.  They particularly objected to the requirement that individual colonists had to provide quarters for soldiers in their homes.

Overall, then, the real issue is that the Americans wanted to be more autonomous.  They did not want to be taxed or regulated by the British government.  The more the British tried to control the colonists in this time period, the more the colonists resisted.