What were the major characteristics of Bill Clint's foreign policy?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is hard to answer this question in retrospect. However, it seems that Clinton was more effect on the home front than the international one. In light of this, there are many critics.

Critics from a more conservative point of view say that Clinton was too accommodating to China and did not realize the explosive growth they would have. These same critics also say that he was blind to the corruption in Russia. The end of the Cold War did not change the Russians all that much. In addition, they say that he was too soft of terrorism and the issues in Iraq. Appeasement, they say, was his policy.

Those on the left argue that  Clinton's tenure had some glaring failures as well. For example, genocide in Rwanda happened on his watch.  Also he was too slow to stop the bloodletting in the Balkans. And what happened to his grand promises of building international institutions that would help world peace?

Of course, all of this is hindsight. It is a hard job being president.

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