What were the main tactics by the British during the American Revolution? 

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The British had several plans for fighting the colonists in the Revolutionary War.  One plan was to use their navy to blockade the coast.  The British wanted to significantly reduce American trade.  This would weaken the colonists economically, and it would make it harder for colonists to get supplies they needed for fighting the war. Another plan was to use their army to cut off the New England colonies from the rest of the colonies. A plan was developed where three armies would meet near Albany, New York.  However, that plan was unsuccessful since one army was defeated, another never arrived, and a third moved very slowly.  The British also planned on fighting in the South since the whole empire had to be defended.  The British developed plans, but they were mostly unsuccessful, leading to a colonial victory in the Revolutionary War.