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What were the main sources of the economy in New England?  Define them.

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There were many sources that were part of the economy of New England during the colonial days and in the beginning of our country as an independent nation. One of those sources was farming. The main kind of farming done was subsistence farming.  Because of a cool climate with long winters, and because of rocky soil, people who farmed grew enough for themselves with very little extra left over to sell. There were some people for whom this was their livelihood.  Another source of the economy was fishing.  Because New England is near water and near very fertile areas for fishing, many people did this for their job.  A third source of the economy was manufacturing.  New England had rivers and streams that could power machines.  New England was also near resources that could be used to make things.  A fourth source of the economy was shipbuilding.  Because products needed to be transported, and because fisherman needed boats, building ships was another important part of the economy of New England. There were also people who worked in the skilled trades.  These people worked as blacksmiths and carpenters.  Finally, trade was a big part of the economy.  With all the products that were made and all the boats that were built, a great deal of trading took place.  There were many aspects to the economy of New England in the colonial days and in the early years of our country.

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