What were the main reasons or movements for which the council of Vatican II was produced? Take into consideration the historical setting from which the second Vatican II council emerged.

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Vatican Council II promulgated in November 1965 was produced to reinforce the essence of the Catholic Church and to reemphasize the original intentions of the faith. The general consencus was that the congregation was being overly affected by secular movements and popular "spiritual" rebirths.

The intention was to stress the importance of

  • the Liturgy; a catholic's duty to attend Mass and services (although there are many specific "liturgies");
  • the nature of the Church which was especially important within the Catholic spectrum as people were interpreting doctrine to suit their own ends or purposes;
  • the revelation and the "Word of God;"
  • the role of the Church on a global level

In previous councils, there would have been condemnations of practices and exorcism of forces, errors that had existed but had not been recognized within the faith system of the Church and clarification of issues that had not been suitably explained. This was not the case with Vatican II.

The intention of Vatican II was then to remind the public of the teachings of the Gospels and to promote the its evangelical mission.

 The Church then could attract more and new members without changing its fundamental teachings.

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