What were the main ideas of the declaration of independence???

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There were several main ideas highlighted in the Declaration of Independence.  The first part of the Declaration of Independence is a statement that if a group of people wants to break free from another group of people, they need to explain to the world why they want to do this.  The second part of the Declaration of Independence explains that all people have certain rights that can’t be given up or taken away.  These rights include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This part of the document goes on to say that government must protect the rights of the people. When government fails to do this, the people must get a new government.  The largest part of the Declaration of Independence is the part where all the complaints against the British and the King are explained.  Finally, the most important idea of the Declaration of Independence is our statement to the world that we are free from British rule and are no longer being governed by the British. 

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