What were the main features of the Nazi State ?

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The features of the Nazi state could probably be best summarized in the true definition of fascism.  All government types have their own ideas about how the government will function best.  In a democracy, for example, the general line of thinking is that the citizens should have a say so in the business of the government.  Fascism (as presented in the Third Riech) is a belief that the government operates best when 1 person or one small party is in charge of everything.  The thinking is that this would lead to less confusion and debate in the political process, as there would be no minority opinion on any matter.  That leads to the major features of the Nazi state... One of Hitler's first objectives was to consolidate his power in the German government.  Very quickly the Nazi party became the majority party in the Reichstag (German legislature).  In essence, the Reichstag became a "rubber stamp" for anything that Hitler wanted to accomplish.  For example, one of the Reichstag's first acts under Nazi control was to appoint Hitler "chancellor for life."  This indirectly put all legislative and executive power in the hands of Hitler.