What were the main diplomatic pressures that President Kennedy experienced?

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Kennedy faced many diplomatic pressures as president.  One of those pressures was dealing with leaders who believed he was young and inexperienced.  Because of this, they thought they could force Kennedy into decisions which weren't good for the United States.  This was especially true with the leaders of the Soviet Union.  Another pressure was dealing with spread of Communism.  The greatest threat came in Cuba when the Soviet Union installed missiles in Cuba aimed at the United States and the western hemisphere.  Kennedy's response to this crisis had to be forceful, yet delicate.  One wrong move could have sent the world into a nuclear war between the United States and Soviet Union.  At home, Kennedy faced diplomatic pressure from those who were opposed to ending segregation in the South.  These people, including many elected officials, fought Kennedy's attempts to pass laws to end segregation and end the restriction of voting rights.  As president, Kennedy faced diplomatic pressures both at home and abroad.

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