What were the long-term results of the “counter culture” in all its varieties?What were the long-term results of the “counter culture” in all its varieties?

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Some people still live in the counter-culture, and some are turning to it.  There are many different cultures now, and it's hard to define exactly what is not normal.  With the proliferation of social media, people can try new social groups and new ideas very easily.  Some of them will stay, and some will just sample and move on.  But the groups and their ideas are easier to find.

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The long term result of the counterculture is the sort of cultural conflicts that we have today between Americans who hold to more traditional values and those who believe in more liberal/progressive values.

In the '60s, America started to be torn between the old values (religious faith, marriage, patriotism) and a new set of values that were more secular, individualistic and skeptical of things like religion and patriotism.  This was manifested in such things as the hippie movement, the sexual revolution, and the Women's Lib movement.

We continue to see debates between these sides today.  Conservatives and liberals continue to fight over issues of morality like abortion and gay rights.  There continues to be debate over the proper role of women in society and over the degree to which the Christian faith should play a prominent role in public life.

In these ways, the debates that started with the rise of the counterculture continue to be with us today.  This is the major long-term result of the counterculture.

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