What were the long term effects of the Latin American revolutions?

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Of course, the major long term outcome of these revolutions was the creation of a number of independent nations in Latin America.  However, the revolutions had less positive impacts.  I think you can argue that they helped lead to the poverty and instability that has plagued many Latin American countries.

The revolutions led to political systems that were dominated by strong men, or caudillos.  These systems were not interested in providing equality or democracy.  Because of this, these new countries tended to become places where the powerful few (often of European descent) dominated the poor and powerless many.

So the revolutions of Latin America allowed the countries to become independent, but they also planted the seeds of the poverty and instability that has continued into recent times.

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The Latin American Revolution was the wars of independence for Latin Americans and was during the 18th and 19th century. The Latin American Revolution was the revolutionary wars against Europe, which lead to the independence for Latin Americans. There were many revolutions that took place. The last war that took place was in the 1980's. During the 19th century, many Latin Americans faced a great economic challenge but most of them have overcome it.

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