What were Locke and Montesquieu's views on government?

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Locke and Montesquieu were both Enlightenment thinkers who questioned government and its role in society. Both Locke and Montesquieu held views that differed from traditional views regarding the role of government in society. Locke and Montesquieu both developed progressive beliefs that focused on reducing the corruption of government, while increasing rights and quality of living for citizens.

Locke's major development during the Enlightenment was the idea of natural rights. Locke believed that all individuals were born with three natural rights (life, liberty, and property) and that the role of government was to protect those natural rights. Locke also held the belief that if a government failed to properly protect these rights, or otherwise became destructive towards its people, the people had a right to remove and replace the government.

Montesquieu's major development also...

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