Civil War Battles and Strategy

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What are the similarities and differences between Generals Grant and Lee?

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Side by side and in person, these men weren't much alike.  Lee was a more stately and well spoken man, while Grant was rougher around the edges and more direct.  Grant was short and unremarkable in appearance, while Lee was a more imposing figure.  Lee would often be dressed to the nines in splendid military regalia and Grant often wore a mere officer's tunic and dislike pretense in his rank.  Grant drank too much, while Lee didn't like to cloud his judgement.

On the battlefield, however, they were both fearless.  They fought without reservation and seldom hesitated when making critical decisions.  Both men could inspire their soldiers to fight.  Lee was pure soldier and he made the most of every battlefield opportunity.  Grant was pure toughness, and he would never give up.

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