In Colonial / Revolutionary America, what were the key regional divisions, and what differences characterized the societies and economics in each?US History I

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sectionalism - the development of the United States along slavery lines - was already becoming apparent by the mid 1700s.  Southern society had fewer people, were more rural, and had fewer elites.  Those elites, however, were among the smartest, most well-educated men in the country.  Americans who lived in the northern colonies very likely did not own any slaves and had rarely seen one, depended on their small family farm for a living or on merchants and craftsmen jobs in the cities like Boston or New York.  People were more literate overall, but only a wealthy few had been to college.

And on the frontier you had the most ruggedly independent Americans, who cared little for eastern cities or politics, and focused on his/her family, their neighbors and their security.  They lived from hand to mouth, farming some and hunting some, and trading mostly with Indians and each other.