What were the key accessories worn by men and women during the Italian and Northern Renaissance?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most historians place the date for clothing and adornment of the Renaissance to be in the 1490s. Northern Europeans used padding, puffing, and pillowing to change the silhouette.

Men of the period tended to have their hair cut into bobs. According to personal preference, they would either leave it straight or curl the ends. They would wear Flap Caps as well. These caps were low and angular.

Women of the period wore the same hats as the men. Women wore their hair either in elaborate fashions or simple (with only a scarf). Some liken the fashion of peasant women to that of the Puritans.

Accessories during the period included wrist ruffles, cod pieces (covers the groin area), duckbill shoes, stomachers (covers the stomach of woman), and a chain of office (hangs from one shoulder to the other, signifies office held).