What were the key accessories worn by men and women during the Ancient Roman--Roman Republic to Roman Empire--period, including hairstyles, headdress, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry?

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Roman males and females could wear a variety of accessories with their clothing.

Before a boy was recognized as an adult male, he would wear a bulla, which was chain with a round pouch that held some charms that would protect the boy from evil. Boys from the upper classes might wear a golden bulla.

Adult males often wore a seal ring, which they used as an official stamp on documents. In some cases, a Roman male would wear a brooch to pin to keep their cloak secured. Such pins were much more common for women.

The wealthier the woman, the more likely they would have been to wear jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are all quite common. Gold was the most popular material. Pearls were also in high demand.

Roman men usually wore their hair short, without sideburns, and shaved their faces. In contrast, the hairstyles of upper class females could be quite elaborate and quite varied (often piled up on top of the head or on the back of the head). Sometimes women wore hairnets.

Roman men and women typically wore sturdy sandals when venturing outside the home. Shoes with elevated soles are also attested, for those who wanted to enhance their physical height.

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