What were Joan of Arc's achievements?

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Joan of Arc made a name for herself by her role in relieving the siege of Orleans. Claiming to have received divinely-inspired visions, she rallied the French garrison of Orleans, and led a French army that lifted the siege. She then led forces in several other rapid victories over English and Burgundian troops, setting in motion a series of events that led to the coronation of Charles VII as French king. Along the way, many historians have argued, she aroused a sense of nationalism never before seen among French people, who were inspired by her humble origins as well as her dizzying successes.  After her death (she was burned to death as a heretic by the English, who had purchased her from her Burgundian captors) she became a symbol of many different things: of French nationalism; of religious piety (she was later canonized); of effective and inspirational leadership; and of feminism.