Pride and Prejudice Questions and Answers
by Jane Austen

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What were Jane and Elizabeth's first impressions of Bingley and Darcy?  

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It was at the community ball given in the town of Meryton, where Jane and Elizabeth's Aunt Philips (sister of their mother) lived, that the girls first met Bingley and Darcy. The Meryton Assembly ball participants were all excited because of the promised appearance of the new group in town. While Jane and Elizabeth had every reason to approve of Mr. Bingley--he danced and he danced with Jane repeatedly--they had reason for a different opinion about Mr. Darcy.

Not only would Darcy not dance, he would not converse. He stood stupidly talking only occasionally to Miss Bingley of his own party.

"Come, Darcy," [Bingley] said "I must have you...

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