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What were Jane Austen's concerns or motives or interests as reflected in Pride and Prejudice?

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One of Jane Austen's interests as expressed in Pride and Prejudice (and confirmed in Emma) was the status of women in regards to marriage. She represented and respected all perspectives on the issue yet also represents her preferred perspective. Some characters representing significant perspectives are:

  • Miss Bingley (covetous)
  • Charlotte (financial and social independence and opportunity)
  • Jane (love and romance)
  • Elizabeth (self-sufficiency and personal independence)
  • Emma (from Emma) (self-sufficiency and personal independence)

Miss Bingley represents the perspective of marriage for for covetousness: Miss Bingley coveted the power, wealth, social prestige that marriage to such a powerful man, with such admirable personal attributes, as Mr. Darcy would give her.

Charlotte, was not esteemed for her beauty nor benefited by wealth and exposure to London's society, desired only financial and social independence away from her parents home: she desired only a home,...

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