What were James' and Victoria's talents in Twilight?In the fourth book (Breaking Dawn) at page 756 you can read about the Vampire Index. I discovered that James and Victoria were talented, which...

What were James' and Victoria's talents in Twilight?

In the fourth book (Breaking Dawn) at page 756 you can read about the Vampire Index. I discovered that James and Victoria were talented, which never occured in the books or did I just miss it?

I'd also love to know all the talented vampires and what their aptitudes are.

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slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

James is a skilled and lethal tracker. No one had ever escaped James once he was set on hunting someone, and he would never get tired or bored and stop. He would continue tracking until he found his prey. Victoria's talent is more subtle. She was very intelligent and could escape pursuit. She is very hard to hunt down, and she can get herself out of situations that are dangerous for her.

As for some of the others, Aro can know everything in a person's mind if he touches them. Marcus can tell what the relationship is between two people, and he feels the intensity and deep love when he meets Bella and Edward. Jane can torture people just by sending them pyschological pain, even though she physically does not harm them. Alec can make a person blind or deaf, rendering them senseless (literally, without their senses). This confuses people in battle.
There are more vampires as well, but those are the major supporting characters and their talents.

it did occur in the books. James was a Tracker and he would track his food. he was one of the best trackers but not the best. victorias talent was running away.

zumba96 | Student

James is a tracker and Victoria can see outcomes in the future if she chooses a plan so if she sees that something will not turn out in her favor of the future, she will choose a different alternative to save herself. 

udonbutterfly | Student

James is a "Tracker." He has the ability to pin point his prey with exact precession and he has a great talent guessing things right like which direction the person he's looking for would be in. I guess you can say he has killer instincts.

Victoria's ability is knowing when to  flee a fight or avoid a situation that won't work in her favor. This is the reason why the Cullen's have a hard time catching Victoria in New Moon and Eclipse because she some what senses danger and she knows how to avoid it.

rcd78 | Student

James's talent is to get a feeling, sort of a sixth sense to which direction his prey is once he has his/her scent somewhat like demitri's talent. His sense of smell is more acute than most vampires. His talent might be mind base also cause he had a hard time tracking bella when he told her he usually gets a sixth sense about where his prey is. Victoria talent is like have a radar danger sense lol. She know when and where to run to that is safe for her not to be tracked and located. There are other trackers like james, they are demitri and alistar. Demitri caughts the flavor of your mind and can track you wherever you are. Alistar gets a elusive pull in the direction to what he is looking for. There are other vampire talents out their but my favorite is Siobhan talent. Her talent is to influence or manipulate an outcome to a situation by wanting and concentrating on how she wants it to turn out. It's not that she can make anything happen, but can want something to happen and it happen somewhat the way she wanted it to happen. I believe it was her gift that help bella master her talent during the volterri invasion because siobhan didn't want the volturi to destroy any of the cullen and witnesses. 

James is a tracker wich means he tracks his pray   victoria has the talent of running away so that it is harder for her to get killed    They werent really jast said hey this is their gift but it was sort of implied

futuremrscullen | Student

James was a tracker and Victoria had a talent of running away

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