What were James Hurst's religious views?What were James Hurst's religious views?

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One might infer from clues in the story that Hurst is at least familiar with the Christian faith. Mentions of church and customs associated with Christian funerals and burial pepper the story's details.

In addition, the story is set in the rural South, an area known for its strong conservative Christian beliefs during this time period. Hurst's own background included living on a farm near the sea, and southern farm life, among other things, lends itself to belief in a higher power, at the very least.

When Hurst was once asked about the story itself, his response was simply, "I hesitate to respond, since authors seldom understand what they write...I venture to say, however, that it comments on the tenacity and splendor of the human spirit." Perhaps this is the most "religious" quote we can attribute to the author.

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I think Christianity is probly his religion. Well judging on his perspective on his perdicaments in his life he doesnt show any acts of religion but hes probly a christian you usally dont find catholics on the south 

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