What were important events in the third marking period in Speak?

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In the Third Making Period, things continue to get worse for Melinda, who is ostracized by her peers for calling the police to a party before the start of the school year and struggles to cope with being raped by an older student. Melinda loses her only friend in high school when Heather tells her that they must stop speaking. Heather proceeds to inform Melinda that things have become very different between them and says that Melinda has a negative reputation.

On Valentine's Day, Melinda receives a heart-shaped note that she thinks is from David Petrakis. Unfortunately, it is a note from Heather, thanking her for understanding that they cannot be friends anymore, which is extremely upsetting to Melinda.

Another significant event that takes place in the Third Marking Period, happens when Melinda's perpetrator, Andy Evans, blows into her ear during in-school suspension. Later on, David invites Melinda to a party but she refuses to attend.

Melinda then recalls the traumatic event that led to her becoming an outcast during her freshman year. The previous summer, Melinda and Rachel attended their first high school party and Melinda proceeded to drink three beers. Tragically, a good-looking senior named Andy Evans approached Melinda under the trees and proceeded to rape her. Melinda ended up calling the police, who arrived and broke up the party. Melinda's peers discovered that she called the police, but she was too ashamed to tell anyone what happened to her.

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