What were the impacts of war on the lives of Mexicans during the 19th century?

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In a sense, Mexico was at war for almost the entire time between the first wars of independence in 1811 to the rise of Porfirio Diaz in 1876.  In between, there was constant conflict, much of which was between liberal federalists and conservative nationalists.  The biggest of these conflicts was the War of the Reform.

Mexico was devastated by these wars.  Of course, the biggest impact was on those who fought in the wars or whose towns were destroyed by the various armies.  However, even those not directly affected were affected by the devastation caused by the war.  For example, many mines were no longer able to function because of the chaos caused by the wars.  This put miners out of work and added to their misery and poverty.

Since Mexico was constantly in conflict for about six decades, the lives of all Mexicans were affected either directly or indirectly, through the harm done to the economy,