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What were the impacts of English colonial expansion on English language?(please help me write this for exam)

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Reciprocally, the British Empire adopted aspects of cultures they colonized, including taking (stealing) artifacts (some of which still reside in European museums – more tourists, more people learning English) and certainly the vocabulary of the English language has been augmented by colonial expansion. So, British imperialism didn’t just enhance the spread of the language, it also made it the international language since the people who spoke it were everywhere. It is often cited that at the height of the British Empire, the sun never set, meaning that they had so many colonies all over the world that there was never a point during the 24-hour day when the sun was not shining on some portion of the Empire and thus on some part of the Earth, people were speaking English – all the time.

Despite the fact that the language became universal largely as a result of colonialization and exploitation, the language...

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