What were the goals of the American Revolution?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The goals of the American Revolution were pretty basic. The first goal was to become free from the rule of the British.  We were unhappy with how we were being treated by the British and felt we could no longer resolve our differences peacefully through negotiation. We believed the British wouldn’t respect us under any circumstances, and therefore we had to fight for our freedom. Another goal was to establish a new form of government that would protect the rights of the people and not abuse its power.  As a result, the Articles of Confederation were created to act as our national government. By design, the Articles of Confederation was a weak form of government.  We wanted to create a new government that would prevent the issues we faced with Britain from reoccurring.  A final goal was to create a society where people would have rights and be treated fairly.  There were several goals of the American Revolution.  Our revolution has been the model for other revolutions around the world throughout history.

sbigaud1 | Student

That question actually depends on the perspective of which the question is derived. On the side of the colonists, the goals were to break from British rule as well as avoid being taxed by a government that was taxing them without fair representation. The colonists were not happy about all of the unfair taxes being imposed on them by the British government. When the colonists attempted to elect their own representatives,  the British sent their own people in. 

However,  in the perspective of the British government, the goals of the American Revolution was to stop the American colonist from becoming free and independent. This would create a financial burden as well divide the two nations. In addition, the American Revolution would allow the British to insert more troops to watch the colonists.