What were the French and British strategies for colonizing the New World?

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The French and the British had somewhat different strategies for colonizing the New World.  The British aim was to send large numbers of British people to the colonies to make essentially a British society on the new continent.  By contrast, the French colonies were lightly peopled by French settlers.

The French colonies were largely based on things like the fur trade.  This trade was carried on by some Frenchmen but also by many Native Americans who traded with the French.  This economic model meant that the French colonies would be a very mixed Indian and French society.

The British, on the other hand, had no room for the Native Americans.  British colonies were for white people (and later, for black slaves).  The British colonies were meant to be farming and fishing colonies (with some light industry) peopled by British subjects.

In these ways, the British and French had rather different strategies for colonizing the New World.