What were Franklin D Roosevelt's two New Deal programs that he implemented within his first 100 days in office?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you really have entered this question correctly, you will want to check your notes or your textbook to find the answer.  This is because President Roosevelt got many more than two programs started during his First Hundred Days.  As you can see in this link, he actually got Congress to pass fifteen major bills in that time.  If you need to identify just two of them, you will have to see what your own class materials say.

The first thing that President Roosevelt did upon taking office was to try to fix the banking crisis.  He ordered all of the nation’s banks to close.  Then he got Congress to pass the Emergency Banking Relief Act, which helped save the banking industry in the US. 

After he dealt with the banks, Roosevelt moved on to many other areas of policy.  Some of the programs created in the First Hundred Days included:

  • The Federal Emergency Relief Act to help state welfare programs.
  •  The Homeowners Loan Act to help people get loans to buy houses
  • The Glass-Steagall Act that guaranteed people’s bank deposits.
  • The Agricultural Adjustment Act which introduced price supports for agriculture.
  • The National Industrial Recovery Act which was meant to help businesses get back to being profitable
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority Act which was to build dams to bring electricity and flood control to that area of the country.

All of these are important things that President Roosevelt got done early in his first term.  You will need to try to find out which two of these you are supposed to identify for your answer.