What were the four things his mom used to always talk to bud about in Chapters 4-8 of Bud, Not Buddy?

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While Bud may mention his mother in each of those chapters, I would focus the motherly advice search to chapter 5. Chapter 4 is still primarily focused on Bud's experience with the Amos family, while chapter 5 is mainly composed of Bud reminiscing about his mother. He tells readers that his mom would repeatedly tell him certain things of importance.

Me and Momma having the same conversations lots of times is one of the main things I can remember about her now.

Then Bud proceeds to say that his mom focused on four things.

She had four favorite things to tell me, one of them was about the picture and another one was about my name.

One of those things was that his name was "Bud" and definitely not "Buddy." A bud is a flower to be, and that is how she viewed her son.

A bud is a flower-to-be. A flower-in-waiting. Waiting for just the right
warmth and care to open up. It's a little fist of love waiting to unfold and be seen by the world. And that's you.

Bud's mom also always made it a point to tell Bud that she would have many important things to tell him about once he was old enough.

She'd tell me, "These things I'm going to explain to you later will be a great help for you."

Finally, Bud's mom also made sure to tell Bud that when one door closes, another door will always open. Bud was too young at the time to fully understand that she wasn't talking about literal doors. She was talking about opportunities.

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