What were four qualifications Jonas had to have to be the next Receiver of Memory in The Giver?

The qualifications Jonas has to have to be the next Receiver of Memory in The Giver include intelligence, courage, integrity, wisdom, and the capacity to see beyond. He will have to bear a burden or gift that no one else will, and so needs to have the mental and emotional strength to carry it well.

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Jonas is fairly astounded when the Chief Elder skips over him at the Ceremony of Twelves, only to return to him at the very end to announce that he has been selected as the next Receiver of Memory. Knowing that this will be confusing for both Jonas and the entire community, she proceeds to acknowledge that Jonas was identified as a possible Receiver many years before, but that he had been monitored closely to ensure he possesses all the needed characteristics a Receiver would have.

The Chief Elder tells Jonas and the community that the Receiver is expected to excel at the following qualities:

Intelligence: Jonas is noted as a "top student." He proves to show keen intelligence as he evaluates the memories he receives from the Giver, analyzing how their community could improve.

Courage: Jonas will need to endure much pain, the depths of which he cannot yet fathom. He will experience the firsthand horrors of war and death; this will require great courage.

Integrity: Jonas has shown that he is...

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