What were the four groups of people in Maycomb that Jem sorted out in To Kill a Mockingbird? 

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Following Aunt Alexandra's refusal to allow Walter Cunningham Jr. to come and play with Scout at the Finch's house "Because--he--is--trash...  (in Chapter 23)," Jem calms his sobbing sister with a Tootsie Roll. After Scout feels better, the two siblings discuss the social ramifications of their aunt's decision. Scout eventually decides that there is just one kind of folks--"Folks"--but Jem believes there is a different social hierarchy in Maycomb. Jem decides that there are "four kinds of folks":

  • The "ordinary kind" that includes the Finches and their neighbors;
  • The country folks "like the Cunninghams out in the woods";
  • The Ewells; and
  • Negroes.

Jem says he used to believe there was only one kind of folks, but the inability for people to "get along with each other" made him change his mind.