What were the five planks in the Republican platform in 2004?

Expert Answers
astrocourt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Republican platform for 2004 was "a safer world and a more hopeful America". This platform was based on five pillar policies:

  1. Winning the War on Terror
    This included consolidating gains and strengthening alliances in order to end the war, promote peace and protect American national security.

  2. Ushering in an Ownership Era
    Encouragement for people to own their own homes, businesses, healthcare, retirement accounts - and therefore future. These initiatives also included tax reform and international trade deals.

  3. Building an Innovative, Globally Competitive Economy
    Tax relief and reform were the cornerstones of this part of the Republican policy. Education - ensuring that every child could read by age three - and affordability of tertiary schooling were also priorities. 

  4. Strengthening communities
    This was a strong health based policy. Increased access to quality health care, medicare, and community health centers were the top priorities. Women's health, medical research and environmental concerns were also listed.

  5. Protecting families
    A package of welfare reform would be bolstered by promoting 'healthy' marriages, responsible fatherhood and abstinence. The rights of children to education, and freedom from obscenity and exploitation were also parts of this policy.

The entire Republican Party platform of 2004 can be accessed via the link below.