How was the New Deal not successful?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I wouls say the one argument that could be made as to why the New Deal was not successful was that it did not remedy the economic problems that plagued the nation.  The idea of being able to overcome the crippling economic depression that held the nation was something that helped to give birth to the New Deal.  In the end, it was something that could not be overcome because it was the Second World War that officially pulled America out of economic chaos and the crippling condition of the nation.  World War II essentially killed the New Deal, and its intended goal was never achieved.  As evident as 1938, when anti- New Deal leaders were being elected to Congress, it was becoming apparent that the allure of the New Deal was wearing thin.  The lack of success of the New Deal ended up being parlayed into American entry into World War II, a move that ended up doing what the New Deal could only hope to do.