African Americans

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What were the experiences of African Americans after the Civil War to 1940?

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The experiences of most African Americans during this time were fairly negative.

This is not true for all African Americans at all times and places.  For example, there was the famous Harlem Renaissance in the North in the 1920s.  This was a time when African American culture flourished and there was a feeling that the "New Negro" was coming into existence.

However, this was not typical of the experiences of most African Americans during this time.  For much of this time (particularly before WWI) most African Americans lived in the South in relatively bad conditions.  They worked as sharecroppers or as domestic servants.  They had to endure segregation.  Perhaps worst of all, they had to endure lynching, particularly in the South in the early 1900s. 

So, while some African Americans did have good experiences, the overall trend for them during this time was negative.

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