What were the events and lifestyles of 1900-1925 internationally?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While this list is certainly not all encompassing, here is a timeline of some significant events in the early twentieth century.

1901-1902 Kodak introduced a $1 Brownie Camera.  The perspective through a lens had a tremendous impact upon art.  The Impressionist Edgar Degas often used a camera's view in his paintings which seemed cut off at times. Australia became a Commonwealth, the first Nobel Prizes were given, and Queen Victoria died. Boer Wars erupted, the teddy bear was introduced, the U.S. passed the Chinese Exclusion Act (1903)First flight at Kitty Hawk, and the first silent movie, "The Great Train Robbery," occurred (1904) New York subway opened (1905)Einstein proposed his theory of relativity and the San Francisco earthquakes caused massive devastation and death (1906) Picasso introduced Cubism and the first washing machine is invented (1900-1909) Henry Ford came out with the Model T and SOS is accepted as the international distress signal (1909) Plastic was invented and the NAACP was founded (1910-1919) World War I, The Titanic, Revolution in Russia (1920-1929)Woman's Suffrage, Mein Kampf was published,the Scopes Monkey Trial, Charles Lindberg had his first transcontinental flight.

During this time period, there were many people who did not have electricity.  They lived simple lives and stayed close to home since not everyone had horse and carriage as means of transportation, and only the wealthy had automobiles.  Of course, with the assembly line Ford, the average worker could afford this new vehicle.  The Roaring 20s brought out a frivolity in people.  Many made a great deal of money on the stock market.  F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote of this period in his novels, and he and Hemingway and others became expatriates in Paris to become what Gertrude Stein termed "The Lost Generation" as Americans dissipated their lives in the City of Lights. The Charleston was a dance that was reflective of this fun-loving era.  People worked in factories in the cities and conditions were poor for those in the tenements.  With this crowding and influx of immigrants from Sicily organized crime found its beginnings in places such as New York and Chicago.  Baseball was huge, especially in St. Louis, Missouri, where there were torridpenant races.  World War I in 1917 took a terrible toll on American lives.  Yet, the period from 1900-1925 was one of prosperity, a period that led to the Great Depression of 1929, not unlike the period of prosperity that America has known before the current economic collapse termed the Recession.