What were the end results of the french revolution?anything of why it ended and what changes were made after it ended.

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There are several conflicts about the end of French revolution.But ,i think these facts will help your question.The French monarchy was defeated for a better democracy.but it was an inactive democracy.Robespierre with the reign of Terror was a time of great fear for the French citizens who worked under the dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte.Then his reign was ended too.


The second part of your question asks for the changes.There are social,political and religious changes after the French revolution.You can reffer the link given below for further information.



Here are some of the changes;

  • people revolted against the Monarchy and established a Republic.
  • The French flag was created in 1789
  • The French motto"Liberty.Equality,Fratemity"was written on every Hall.
  • The French constitution called the 'Declaration of the rights of man and citizen'in 1789.

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