What were the elements of Nazi party political ideology?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were many elements of the Nazi ideology.  Let us look briefly at the most important ones.

  • Obedience to the ruler.  Nazi ideology held that people are not equal in their abilities and should not be equal before the law.  Instead, there was a natural hierarchy and the people at the top should rule.  What that came down to was the idea that one man had the greatest "will" and he should be the ruler.  Everyone else should understand that they were not as able as he was and they should obey him without trying to critique what he was doing.
  • Racial solidarity.  The Nazi ideology held that the "Aryan" people were superior to all others and should rule over the other, lesser, races.  It believed that all people of Aryan blood should be tightly bound together by a single culture.  Everyone, in essence, should have the same attitudes and behave in the same ways.
  • The importance of war.  Nazi ideology saw war as a way to improve the people and to improve the world.  This was a sort of Social Darwinism in which war killed weaker people and weaker countries, leaving the strong to survive and rule.

All of these ideas were summed up neatly in the Nazi slogan ein Reich (one empire, dominated by those who won the Darwinian struggle), ein Volk (one people, linked together by their ethnicity and culture), ein Fuhrer(one leader, acknowledged to be superior and therefore worthy of obedience).