What are eight places to which Huck and Jim travel along the Mississippi in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

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When Huck and Jim team up on Jackson’s Island (1), little do they know where their travels will take them. But when they hear that there are bounty hunters trying to capture Jim, Huck and Jim immediately get on the raft and head down the Mississippi River.

Travelling on the raft by night, and hiding during the day, Huck and Jim spend the next couple of days getting settled on the raft. They stop at little villages to buy, “lift,” and “borrow” food. On the fifth night they pass the town of St Louis (2), which is all lit up even at 2 am, living up to Huck’s expectations.

The plan is for Huck and Jim to travel down to where the Ohio River meets the Mississippi River at the town of Cairo (3), and then they will get on a steamboat and head north up the Ohio to the free states. But a dense fog hides the meeting of the rivers, and they miss their opportunity to head north. So instead they continue south on the Mississippi.

When a steamboat crashes into them, they jump overboard and...

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