What are eight places to which Huck and Jim travel along the Mississippi in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

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Huck and Jim begin their journey together on (1)Jackson Island, near the city of Hannibal on the Missouri side of the Mississippi.  They travel downstream with the Missouri shore on the west and Illinois on the east.  After stopping on (2)a towhead on the Illinois side, they continue on past (3)St. Louis and several small towns unnamed in the book.  Their plan is to stop in (4)Cairo, which is located where the Ohio River meets the Mississippi, and get a canoe so they can paddle upstream to the free states.  Unfortunately, they pass Cairo in the night and have no choice but to continue downstream on the raft until they can secure a canoe and head back against the current. 

Soon after Huck and Jim miss Cairo, they stop for awhile at (5)the Grangerford's farm, which is actually along the river where it briefly follows the Kentucky border just north of Tennessee.  They then are accosted by the Duke and the King, who perform at a series of towns including (6)a "one-horse town" in Arkansas.  Because of the Duke's and King's devious business practices, the group is forced to flee further down the river away from the towns, until they make a final stop with the swindlers at (7)Pikesville, which has never heard of their operations.  Huck and Jim end their journey together at (8)the Phelps Plantation in southern Arkansas just north of the Louisiana border, where they hook up with Tom Sawyer and further adventures.

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