What were the effects on WWII on the Japanese Americans?

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I would say that distrust was the major effect on Japanese Americans during the Second World War.  The idea of forced relocation, suspension of individual rights, as well as the notion of being forced to take a "loyalty oath" seems to come right out of the Fascist Playbook and not representative of a great democracy.  The liberation of death camps in Europe, the defeat of the Nazis, as well as the crushing of the Fascist dictators that threatened freedom in Europe all had to be weighed against the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II.  In the end, such an assessment reveals the sometimes vast divide between the principles of America and its practices.

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The major impact of World War II on Japanese Americans was, of course, the internment of the Japanese Americans living on the West Coast.  The internment disrupted their lives for years and it cost many of them a great deal of money.  This was because they lost personal property that they had to leave behind when they were sent to the camps.

In a related effect, this ended up spreading the Japanese American population away from the coasts after the war.  There came to be many Japanese families who ended up living in places inland after the interment was over.

Japanese Americans were also affected because many of them fought in the war, but this is no different from the experience of other groups.

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