The Cuban Missile Crisis

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What were the economic impacts of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

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The American economy grew as a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The crisis demonstrated that the United States needed to have the best delivery systems for its nuclear weapons and needed to be able to use these weapons in order to deter Soviet aggression. Kennedy was elected on the claims of a missile gap between the United States and the Soviet Union, and the Cuban Missile Crisis only reinforced the message that the United States should put more funds into its military-industrial complex. The Cuban Missile Crisis also sparked new interest in technology, especially early computing. Scientists looked for the most efficient ways to send a payload thousands of miles into Soviet territory. This same technology was also used in the Space Race on American rockets.

The Cuban Missile Crisis also placed Cuba firmly into toe Soviet camp, thus making them reliant on Soviet aid. What little hope that Castro would moderate evaporated with the island nearly turning into the first battlefield of...

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