How did Herbert Hoover respond to the demands of the Bonus Army?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In essence, Hoover responded to these demands by rejecting them.

The "Bonus Army" was a group of WWI veterans.  In 1924, Congress had voted to give WWI veterans a monetary bonus of about $1,000 each that would be fully payable in 1945.  The Bonus Army wanted to get that money in 1932 because of the problems that they were having due to the Depression.  Congress considered a bill to do this, but it was rejected by the Senate.

Hoover did not want the bonus paid out in 1932.  He opposed payments because he felt taxes would have to be raised to fund them.  After the bill was rejected, Hoover ordered the army to move against the Bonus Army and evict them violently from the camps that they had erected while they waited to see what would happen with the bill.  It is for these reasons that I say Hoover rejected the demands of the Bonus Army.