What were the contributions of right and left ideologies in France during 1825-1848? help me get started? Studied hours!!

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several different ways you can approach this topic, but a great deal depends on what sort of historical perspective interests you.

Marx, who write two books about the revolutions of 1848, would look for ideologies being rooted in class interests, with the proletariat, bourgeois, and aristocracy all having individual class interests. The Bourbon monarchs would be aligned with aristocracy and the proletariat with the extreme republicans, with the bourgeois eventually winning a sort of middle ground. The monarchy of Louis-Philippe was considered aligned with bourgeois interests.

The Roman Catholic church, after the Napoleonic reforms, increasingly became ultramontane (focussed on the central power of the papacy) after the traditional alliance of throne and altar was broken by Napoleon, although some early worker priests became increasingly sympathetic to the plight of the proletariat.

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