What were the consequences of World War I for the United States?

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World War I was not as consequential for the US as World War II, but it was important nonetheless.  Among its effects were:

  • It made the US more of an important world power.  The fact that US participation swung the outcome of the war helped make the US a first rate power after the war.
  • It also pushed the US towards isolationism.  Many Americans felt that the war had been unnecessary and did not want to get involved with further foreign wars.
  • It helped lead to intolerance in the US.  This happened both during and after the war.  During the war, propaganda helped create animosity towards Germans.  After the war, there was a “red scare” that came about in part because of the war.
  • It helped bring African Americans to the North.  African Americans moved north to work in factories making war materiel.  This started to change the African American experience.


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